Carioca, in love with Rio de Janeiro Clarice is always on the move, travelling and living abroad. She lives in Madrid since 2006. She always visits her beloved Brazil and goes wherever her work takes her.
She first came into contact with the art of acting when she was 12 at “Casa e Companhia de Artes Avancini”, where she trained until she was 17. There, she participated in 4 plays. One of the plays was shown in three different theaters and she interpreted three different characters. During this same period of time, she graduated from “Studio Escola de Atores”, directed by Sonaira D'Avilla. Without a shadow of a doubt Clarice decided to become an actress after having finalized her studies with Antonio Amancio and obtaining her diploma from Artcenicas School.

In the last two years, she has played roles in 4 short films and 2 movies. She is currently getting ready to play her second “main character” in a movie that will be filmed in Brazil and Europe.

Clarice has successfully completed 14 acting courses with different specialists, from different schools of thought in 4 different countries. She is also a certified Personal Image Counselor and has received over 2.500 training hours in Drama.

In love with her work, Clarice gets completely immersed in the roles she plays with extraordinary discipline. Her Coach Fernando Piernas trains her when she is in Madrid and when she is in Rio de Janeiro she takes training courses with coaches such as Thais de Campos and Maria Pia. Clarice can act in Portuguese, Spanish, English, Italian. She practices sports on a daily basis and is passionate about Muay Thai (Thai Boxing) – a sport she has practiced since her childhood.

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