About Clarice


I believe in the power and the value of my work; not only to entertain people, to connect with their inner most feelings, but also as a means of being critical of life and encouraging human evolution. I love what I do and I do it with extreme passion and intensity. Driven to improve as an artist and a human being, I seek to always do something different to what I have done before. I am inspired more than anything by my love of life.

I develop my professional resources day by day. I also know myself better and better as days go by. My innate curiosity and my restlessness enable me to learn from all my experiences and the people I meet, adding an edge to my skills and work.

Because of my personal situation and my professional life, I travel constantly and have lived away from my home since I was 17. I have the opportunity to interact with people from all cultures and walks of life.

I think any type of knowledge is important and could be useful in determining the quality of my work. I consider constant practice the only way of improving. Since I discovered my passion for acting, I study what I consider necessary to improve my work and train as much as I can with professionals who always encourage me to go over my limits.

I invest all my energy in sharpening my acting expression and in keeping my sensitivity at my finger tips as much as possible in my work. I want to apply myself fully and give my best in every role I play and every character I bring to life.