Interview to “Eu prefiro Melão” Blog

Brazilian actress living in Madrid for some years now, achieves, in less than a year, to be considered a promising talent whiting the nation cinema industry.

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Interview for “Modos de la Moda” webpage

The actress Clarice Alves shows us that apart from being stunning, she is also very talented. This beautiful actress is due to start shooting Bruno Saglia´s “Diminuta” along side Reinaldo Gianecchini. The shootings are due to take place in the cities of Flores da Cunha…

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Interview for “Conta Mais” webpage

Clarice Alves is starting to flourish as an actress but the national industry already bets on her future. She stands out and talks about her expectations. Read article…

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Interview for “Clock 51” Magazine

Clarice Alves is a well rounded actress – having worked in theatre and movies in Spain and Brazil.

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“Entre Amores” Blog

Andrea and Jeferson are a Down Syndrome couple who come across a homeless child. They decide to take the child home oblivious of the consequences Claudia’s interference will have.

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“Atrás da Porta” Blog

A thriller that takes place in a run down building where Julia and her dog Barão live. After the disappearance of her dog, Julia discovers she doesn’t live in a normal place…

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“Boxx Filmes Entretenimiento” Blog- “Atrás da Porta” shortmovie

Bruno Saglia becomes the director of the short movie “Atrás da Porta” based on Rui Vilhena and Ana Massa’s script.

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“Diminuta” Film Blog

Bruno Saglia reads the script with Reynaldo Gianecchini (Cristiano) and Clarice Alves (Clarice), the film’s main actor and actress. In the plot they are motivated to overcome all sorts of obstacles.

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